• The venerable science fiction theme of human/android love gets an original twist in this impressive debut novel set in late 21st-century Los Angeles.

    Publisher's Weekly
  • A fast-moving, suspenseful story set in a fascinating future world stuffed with all the violence, sex and sleaze a noir fan could ask for.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • If Ray Bradbury and Hunter S. Thompson took turns at a typewriter, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MECHANICAL REPRODUCTION is the novel they would write. A dystopian tale of addiction, violence and illicit love, the dialogue sizzles, the plot has as many hooks as a fisherman’s hat, and in the center sits a tired detective with an unerring moral compass.

    Stephen P. Kiernan, author of The Curiosity
  • In the tradition of Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, Judd Trichter gives us a lacerating exploration of what it means to be human. Are we just the sum of our replaceable parts? And if so, where is the soul? To answer that question, “Love” goes beyond “Blade Runner” and “I Robot” to create a whole society where rising androids and failing humanity vie for what’s left of the future.

    Gary GoldmanWriter/Exec Producer - Total Recall, Minority Report
  • A noirish suspense-filled novel about the timeless yearning for love. Judd Trichter’s terrific debut will make your heart beat faster as you turn the final page.

    Jennifer Vanderbesauthor of Easter Island and The Secret of Raven Point
  • An enthralling exploration of the contours of the human heart, “Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is sci-fi at its mind-bending best. You will find yourself devouring this cinematic tale deep into the night, utterly absorbed in its flawed hero’s quest to escape a dystopian Los Angeles with his sanity intact. Rarely has a life-or-death race against the clock been so vividly rendered, or so philosophically rich.

    Brendan I. Koernerauthor of “The Skies Belong to Us”
  • Ultraviolent inner-city robot riots! Filthy android sex! And sweet sweet revenge! Judd Trichter’s sci-fi epic moves at warp speed and has more twists than a bag of pretzels. And yet at the center of this dystopian thriller is a heartfelt romance that feels as timeless and tender as an ancient fairy tale.

    Brad KaneWriter for: Black Sails, Fringe, Daredevil Reboot
  • Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction paints a terrifying picture of a future that feels eerily plausible. Yet beneath all the darkness, technology, and twisted morality there’s a delicate story of humanity and love. In his first novel, Mr. Trichter creates a world and characters that are so rich you can’t look away, although at times you may want to.

    Brian Klugmanco-writer of Tron: Legacy
  • Apocalyptically laugh out loud hilarious, beneath Trichter’s dystopian vision lies the heart of an utterly original moralist in the tradition of Pynchon, Saunders and Vonnegut. “Love In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is a tour de force debut.

    Lee Sternthalco-writer of Tron: Legacy
  • Judd Trichter has crafted a masterful work of science fiction. Infused with the essence of Phillip K Dick and William S Burroughs alike, Love In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction is a unique, drug-fueled, Los Angeles noir twist on classic Sci-fi that’s impossible to put down.

    Danny Strongwriter for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies as well as Recount, Gamechange, and The Butler
  • I don’t read fiction unless I am forced to. I only started this book because Judd is a friend of mine, and I assumed I’d stop after 10 pages and send him a quick ‘it’s great!’ BS email and move on with my life. I started skimming the first page…and two days later I came up for air, having read the whole thing. It is awesome. The perfect combination of smart, thrilling, and fun. The best (and only) novel I have finished this year.

    Tucker Max
  • In this, his gripping debut novel,Judd Trichter delivers a dark, deliciously plotted futuristic epic, driven by a heartbeat determined not to drown in a cauldron of human nature gone haywire.

    Mark EbnerHollywood, Interrupted,Six Degrees of Paris Hilton.